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Casa Carbonell
Casa Carbonell

Casa Carbonell

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Number 1 Explanada de Espana , Alicante, Spain

The Basics

While Casa Carbonell is home to luxury condominiums and foreign embassies, travelers will want to visit the portside building to snap photos of the architectural gem and spend time in the park out front next to the fountain, spraying mists of cooling water.

Travelers may enjoy learning more about the history and artistry of Casa Carbonell during a private walking tour of Alicante, making visits to historic landmarks such as the mountaintop Santa Bárbara Castle for a view of the coast, and architectural gems like St. Nicholas Cathedral, finishing the day with a stroll along the scenic Explanada de España with a glass of enjoying glass of traditional Sangria.

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Things to Know Before You Go

  • Suitable for solo travelers, couples, families.
  • Remember to wear comfortable walking shoes, and sun protection.
  • Restaurants with open terraces are on the first floor and nearby; book reservations beforehand.
  • Tours may include round trip hotel transfers. Check specific tours for details.
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How to Get There

Casa Carbonell is located at Number 1 Explanada de Espana in Alicante, between the Plaza del Ayuntamiento and Plaza Puerta del Mar, and just steps away from Playa del Postiguet. Alicante is a great walking city and taxis are readily available as is an extensive public transport network of intercity buses and trams.

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When to Get There

Catch the lively atmosphere of Explanada de Espana day or night. Alicante is lovely year-round to visit, with the spring and fall seasons offering both warm weather and fewer crowds. Throughout the year, Alicante hosts colorful festivals and events, such as San Juan's Bonfires (Hogueras de San Juan) in June, marked by large satirical artistic papier-mâché figures and fireworks, and Carnival, a three-week fiesta of costume parades, music, and dancing in March.

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The Legend of Casa Carbonell As the legend goes, in the early 1920s, Enrique Carbonell entered the swanky portside Hotel de Palas, feeling ill. Seeking medical attention and a place to stay, the hotel saw his shoddy, poor appearance and turned him away, not knowing that he was in fact a very wealthy textile magnate. In an act of revenge, he built an even larger and more lavish building right next door to the hotel, naming it Casa Carbonell.

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