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Butrón Castle (Castillo de Butrón)
Butrón Castle (Castillo de Butrón)

Butrón Castle (Castillo de Butrón)

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BI-634, Gatika

Practical Info

Most people visit the castle on a tour from nearby Bilbao (20km/13mi), but you can also do it using public transport. From Bilbao, take the metro to the city of Mungia. From there, several buses leave for Gatika. Ask the bus driver to drop you at the Castillo de Butrón; the stop is 300 meters (984 feet) downhill from the castle.

Every June, the castle hosts the Feria Medieval (Medieval Festival), with period costumes, traditional games, and other entertainment. Though there's not much tourist infrastructure in the nearby town of Gatika, several vacation rentals are scattered about the hills.

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