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Things to Do in Biarritz


Camino de Santiago

The pilgrimage route called Camino di Santiago (sometimes translated as Way of St. James) stretches across Europe into northern Spain and down to Santiago di Compostela. This sacred path has been followed since medieval times by faithful Christians who seek to worship at the tomb of St. James, as well as other hikers who are inspired by the spiritual “way.”

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On the banks of the Bidasoa river, sheltered by Mount Rhune’s austere peak, Hondarribia is one of the most picturesque towns on the Basque coast. Close to the French border, just east of San Sebastián, this lovely walled fishing village is enjoying a gastronomical moment, with an explosion of noteworthy restaurants.

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Atlantic Park

From gravity-defying waterslides to palm-lined swimming pools and a relaxing spa pool, Atlantic Park has everything you would expect from one of the region’s top water parks. Less than an hour from Biarritz, the park has something for all ages, from adults and thrill-seeking teens to babies and toddlers.

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Aquatic Landes

The largest water park on the southern coast of the Aquitaine, Aquatic Landes—located in Labenne, just a quick trip from Bayonne and Biarritz—offers thrills and refreshment for visitors of all ages. Home to pools, waterslides, play areas, and lawns perfect for sunbathing, this park is an ideal place to relax and beat the heat.

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