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Things to Do in Costa Blanca


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Situated on the idyllic Costa del Azahar between Valencia and Alicante, the seaside city of Gandia is a picture-perfect beach destination that’s still largely unknown among international travelers. You’ll find golden sands as well as nature parks, centuries-old palaces, and historic monasteries.

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Aqua Natura
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Suited for young families and with plenty of opportunities to play and relax in both the sun and shade, Aqua Natura is one of Spain’s best coastal water resorts. Its fun water activities and various pools are grouped around a large, calm lagoon at its center, which is perfect for all ages. There are also 800 meters of twisted slides (some that are multi-lane,) as well as a splash zone, water bridge, and pirate-themed water playground for smaller children. Its most massive slide, ‘La Cresta,’ reaches the highest speeds and is most suited to thrill seekers.

Aqua Natura also allows for the opportunity to interact with aquatic wildlife, offering encounters with the sea lions on site. Regardless of your thrill level, the park is a great place to cool off after time spent in the hot Spanish sun. There are also four restaurants inside serving a variety of food and drink.

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8 Tours and Activities

Combine fun and education at Mundomar, an animal park in Benidorm tailor-made for families. Learning about the importance of conservation, and get up close and personal with more than 30 different animal species—including lemurs, turtles, parrots, and more—though interactive exhibits, shows, and hands-on encounters.

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Aqualandia claims to be Europe's biggest water park, and it's huge. You can see it rising from the coastal plains long before you arrive, more than 20 enormous slides including the "Black Hole," a wet ride through the darkness, and the "Big Bang," the highest chute on the continent.

Younger swimmers can enjoy Adventureland, the best kiddie pool imaginable.There is also a wave pool, rapids, and plenty of playground equipment, restaurants, and shops on dry land. You could easily spend all day here, so don't forget your sunscreen.

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Terra Mítica

Explore historic Greece, Rome, and Egypt at the ancient civilisations-themed Terra Mítica, a theme park with an educational twist in Benidorm. Here, history and fun come together with shows and rides suitable for all ages—including big wheels, roller coasters, and log flumes—making Terra Mítica an ideal family vacation stop.

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Terra Natura Benidorm

Liven up your beach holiday with an animal adventure at Benidorm’s Terra Natura zoo theme park. It’s not your average zoo, though, but one that specializes in 'zooimmersion,' dropping visitors into the animals’ natural-like environments rather than the other way around. In doing so, humans are separated from the exotic creatures by seemingly invisible — though very much present — barriers (think: man-made rivers and canyons and such).

The park offers a range of different areas and animals to see, with sections broken out by global region, including Pangea, America, Asia and Europe. Between them they feature 1,500 animals of 200 species, such as elephants, rhinos, crocodiles and colorful birds. From shows to feedings and photos, Terra Natura offers loads of ways to maximize not only your zoo experience but also your island visit.

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Mundomar Benidorm

The nicely landscaped animal park of Mundomar Benidorm, also known as Mundomar Aquatic Park, focuses on sea life, most famously the performing dolphins, who do a dance routine twice a day. Several sea lions put on another crowd-pleasing show.

In addition to the dolphins, which you can also watch through the windows of a "sunken galleon" during their down time, there are also aviary enclosures with parrots, macaws, flamingos, and other birds from more tropical climes. Other animals, including sea turtles, are displayed nearby. After kids have had their fill of watching the ocean's most intelligent wildlife, they work off extra energy on lot s of great playground equipment.

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Prades Mountains

These cool, pine-forested peaks high above the resort-encrusted Catalonian coastline are often called the "Crown of Aragon," stronghold of James I. The Prades Mountains, Mantunyas de Prades in the Catalan language, remain a quiet retreat from the cares of the world.

The mountains are developed primarily for eco-tourism, with natural parks, fantastic camping opportunities, hiking trails, rock climbing, and many other attractions for active tourists. Ancient towns hewn from stone atop impossibly scenic outcroppings offer a dose of culture, such as the castles of Siurana (Priorat) and Prades, andMonastery of Santa Maria de Poblet.

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Terra Mitica Benidorm

Terra Mitica is truly a classic theme park, and not just because it offers some serious screamers such as the Infierno, Titánide, and shaky Magnus Colossus coaster. The theme is Ancient Greece, with period costumes, Herculean shows (some closed during low season), and plenty of other Olympian action.

Though the "Mythic Land" is an older theme park, its awesome collection of rides (many, like the Furía de Triton, offering a cool splash on a hot day) is guaranteed to keep kids happy, with options for everyone from young children to thrill-seeking teens.

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