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Taekwondo Park
Taekwondo Park

Taekwondo Park

The Taekwondo Park in Muju, South Korea, opened in April 2014. It’s a unique site where Taekwondo practitioners from all over the world come to compete and train, and where visitors come to learn more about this popular martial art. It also celebrates the history, culture, and spirit of the sport with various activities and events aimed at the more casual visitor.

The sprawling grounds of the park contain the T1 Arena (the main stadium that seats 5,000 spectators), the Taekwondo Museum, a Sculpture Garden, and an observatory reached only by monorail.

There’s also an Experience Center, designed to encourage the park’s visitors to become more involved in Taekwondo. At the center, visitors can try out some basic training and techniques for themselves, including taking part in some virtual sparring using motion detection technology.

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Muju, South Korea

Practical Info

Admission/participation fees for the Taekwondo Park is 6,000 Won for adults, 5000 Won for 13-18 year olds and 4500 Won for children under 12. The minimum age for most of the activities throughout the center is eight. If traveling independently to the park, take the bus bound for Muju Intercity Bus Terminal from the Seoul Nambu Terminal and board a local bus from there.

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