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Things to Do in Klaipeda


Dinosaur Park (Dino Parkas Radailiai)

Just a short drive from the port of Klaipėda, the Radailiai Dinosaur Park (Dino Parkas Radailiai) is a dinosaur-themed attraction, where the giant prehistoric creatures have been brought back to life through a series of animatronic models. With rides, playgrounds, and a number of different activities, it’s a popular destination for those with younger children.

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Radailiai Upside-Down House (Apverstas Namas Radailiai)

The Radailiai Upside-Down House is a quirky, family-friendly attraction that looks like a typical home standing on its roof. Head inside to confuse your perspective, and snap photos of yourself seemingly hanging from the ceiling or falling from bed.

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Lithuanian Sea Museum

A maritime museum, aquarium, and dolphinarium all rolled into one, the Lithuanian Sea Museum (Lietuvos Jūrų Muziejus) is a tribute to the underwater world of the Baltics. More than 88,000 artifacts and exhibits are on display, as well as a huge variety of marine animals, including Black Sea bottlenose dolphins.

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