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Things to Do in Livorno


Livorno Cruise Port (Livorno Terminal Crociere)

The Livorno Cruise Port (Livorno Terminal Crociere), a busy shipping terminal set on the Tuscan coast, serves as a gateway to this famous Italian region and its capital city of Florence. With few attractions of its own, the port city of Livorno is primarily a jumping-off point to explore the Tuscan cities and countryside.

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Livorno Aquarium (Acquario di Livorno)
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Livorno, one of Italy’s most important seaports, is also home to an excellent aquarium. Kids and adults can enjoy watching marine creatures like zebra and blacktip sharks, Napoleon and angel fish, rays, seahorses, tortoises, and other species of marine wildlife in tanks, tunnels, and touch pools.

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Mascagni Terrace (Terrazza Mascagni)
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Travelers who want to take in stunning views, revel in salt water breezes and enjoy plenty of open space for walking will love the Mascagni Terrace (Terrazza Mascagni), tucked along the Italian coast. Its checkerboard promenade is a local landmark as many visitors as locals gather here to watch ferries sail in and out of the port from this terrace on the sea.

A number of picturesque cafes and tasty restaurants prove the perfect stopping point for a drink with a view during an evening constitution, but quiet benches and peaceful bike paths offer up alternatives for those who want to unwind near the water.

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Sanctuary of Montenero (Santuario di Montenero)
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The religious complex of Sanctuary of Montenero (Santuario di Montenero), also known as the Shrine of Our Lady of Grace, is one of the most-visited sanctuaries in Italy’s Livorno Hills. Visitors who make their way to this cream-colored holy place will find a quiet chapel and a network of caves that once served as a hideaway for thieves and a shelter during World War II. The sanctuary is also home to a small but detailed museum that showcases the history of miracles that have occurred here.

Visitors say the Shrine of Our Lady Grace is a magical destination with incredible views, peaceful grounds, unique history and truly beautiful interiors.

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