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Don't-Miss Dishes on Maui

Don't-Miss Dishes on Maui

With its unusual mix of Polynesian traditions and international influences, you won’t find Hawaii's cuisine anywhere else. From poke and pao to loco moco, here are a few dishes to sample on your next trip to Maui.

**Ahi Poke:**Currently the most popular Hawaiian dish on the mainland, poke combines raw, diced fish with salty soy sauce. The popularahi version is made with yellowfin tuna.

**Loco Moco:**Best saved for a cheat day,loco moco is a rich concoction of rice, meat (usually ground beef, pork, or Hawaii's beloved Spam) that’s topped with rich gravy and a fried egg.

Manapua: Hailing from Southern China, where it's known asbao,manapua is a prime example of the Cantonese influence on Hawaiian cuisine. The larger, Hawaiian version of the fluffy buns are usually stuffed with marinated pork (though chicken and yam versions are also popular) and either steamed or baked.

**Poi:**The staple food of the Hawaiian Islands for generations,poi is a paste made from taro that's pounded into a porridge-like consistency. It's traditionally cooked underground and sometimes left to ferment to achieve a subtle sour taste.

**Shave Ice:**The Hawaiian version of the snowcone, shave ice is a saccharine dessert in which ice is shaved off a large block and drenched with sweet syrup. Ask for Japanese-style if you want yours topped with condensed milk.

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