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Things to Do in Menorca

The island of Menorca (or Minorca), known for its intensely scalloped coastline and wildlife-rich scenery protected as the UNESCO Menorca Biosphere Reserve, is the choice for those seeking a more peaceful Mediterranean escape. The capital, Máo, has a variety of dining and nightlife options, but many fantastic coves are overlooked only by peaceful resorts and quiet seafood restaurants, perfect for families and lovers.

This island has always appealed to independent souls, since its Stone-Age inhabitants built their taulas (table monoliths) and talaiots (towers) not found elsewhere in the Balearics. Today, Menorca's islanders still speak their own language (Menorquín) and were the first to grant legal rights to non-human apes.

Adventurers who make the trip will find their efforts rewarded with fine foods (try the lobster stew and artisanal cheeses) and better beaches, from endless Son Bou to posh Punta Prima, with plenty of other perfect playas for everyone.

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