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Tues-Sun 8am-6pm
Oaxaca, Mexico

The Basics

Sometimes referred to as Pueblo Viejo by the locals, Yagul was most likely a military hub occupied by both Zapotecs and Mixtecs at various points in its history. Highlights include the Palace of the Six Patios and the hilltop Fortress, which offers panoramic views over the entire site.

Yagul is one of the region’s smaller archaeological ruins, so maximize your trip by visiting places such as Mitlá, Monte Albán, or the town of Atzompa too. Organized excursions typically stop at one or all of the above alongside Yagul and include convenient round-trip transportation.

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Things to Know Before You Go

  • Yagul is a must-visit for history and archaeology enthusiasts in Oaxaca.

  • Plan to spend about an hour exploring Yagul.

  • There is little to no shade at Yagul, so pack a hat and wear plenty of sunblock.

  • There’s an on-site restroom but often no refreshment vendors; take your own water.

  • Yagul is not easily wheelchair or stroller accessible, due to its elevated position and dirt road access.

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How to Get There

Yagul is situated around 24 miles (38 kilometers) southeast of Oaxaca City and most visitors find it easiest to arrive in a private vehicle by following Highway 190. However, organized excursions to Yagul and beyond typically include round-trip transportation. There’s on-site parking available.

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When to Get There

Yagul is typically open daily to the public between 8am and 5pm. While not often busy, visit in the morning to have the place to yourself. There is no shade on-site and Yagul can get very hot in the afternoon, so time your visit accordingly.

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Archaeological Sites in Oaxaca

Yagul is the smallest of Oaxaca’s three most important archaeological sites. The other two are Monte Albán and Mitlá, which can often be visited alongside Yagul during an organized day trip from Oaxaca City. However, keen history and archaeology buffs should also visit Zaachila, Dainzú, and Yucuita.

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