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Tikal Tours from San Ignacio

Tikal Tours from San Ignacio

Located in western Belize near the Guatemalan border, San Ignacio is within easy day-tripping distance not only of the ancient Maya ruins at Caracol in Belize, but also from the jungle-set Tikal National Park in Guatemala, one of Central America’s most impressive Maya sites. Here’s what you need to know about Tikal tours from San Ignacio. 


  • Climb up the huge Tikal temples, which rise high above the surrounding jungle canopy at this UNESCO World Heritage Site. 

  • From the top of the Temple of the Masks, admire views of the Temple of the Great Jaguar, the centerpiece of Tikal’s Great Plaza.

  • Learn about the advanced Maya civilization and their sophisticated use of mathematics and astronomy from a tour guide. 

  • Hear howler monkeys screeching in the trees above as you make your way along jungle trails that weave through the archaeological site.

  • Examine stone carvings etched with ancient glyphs. 

Things to Know

  • Tikal is about 96 miles (115 kilometers) from San Ignacio. The drive normally takes 2.5 hours, though it may be longer depending on border-crossing times. 

  • Bring a passport as you’ll be passing through immigration at the border between Belize and Guatemala. 

  • Most organized Tikal day trips from San Ignacio are full-day tours, lasting upward of nine hours.

  • Round-trip transport, lunch, and entrance fees are typically included on Tikal day tours from San Ignacio.