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Center for Birds of Prey
Center for Birds of Prey

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Even people who aren’t avid birdwatchers seem to enjoy birds of prey. Maybe it’s their large, feathery wingspan or the fact they’re expert hunters, but there’s something a little more wild and captivating about eagles, raptors, or hawks. Here at the Center for Birds of Prey in Awendaw, South Carolina, explore a campus of over 50 species of powerful aerial predators. Watch as a Peregrine Falcon goes soaring above the trees of the Lowcountry, and keep an eye out for wild bald eagles that frequently circle above.

During the daily flight demonstrations, listen as guides explain about species such as owls, vultures, and kites, and watch them display their hunting techniques as they coast on the breeze above. In addition to helping educate visitors about global birds of prey, the center helps to rehabilitate birds and place them back in the wild. In total, over 120 American bald eagles have been raised and released by the center, and it continues to reign as South Carolina’s best avian adventure.

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4719 Highway 17N, Awendaw, South Carolina

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